Walks in the City: City Streets

Yesterday I shared some of the images I’ve gathered during my exercise around NYC during COVID, focusing on Central Park. As part of this 3-day photo journey, I’m sharing images from the streets near my home. What is it like where you live?

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing images from famous landmarks, so stay tuned! And most importantly, stay safe.

Whole Foods has been limiting the number of customers in the store at one time. The line often stretches around the corner and down the next block! It can take a long time, but it’s fast once you’re inside.

Some restaurants are still open for carry-out but no seating.

Business have taped 6-feet lines outside so that as customers wait to go indoors, they can stand 6 feet apart easily.

Carl Schurz Park.

This is the boathouse. It’s a large waterside venue. By spring it is usually rented out on the weekends and packed for fun events (I’ve had university orientation and alumni events here).

Thanks to essential workers

Small businesses are desperate. Some have changed their business models. This one is selling extra produce, offering meal planning, and even selling items such as toilet paper to get by.

At night the streets used to be still busy. This is 8:30pm, but feels more like 4am since most businesses have shuttered. We have several 24-hour businesses that now close at 8 or 9pm.

Saw this nice message on Easter Sunday! From the Church of Heavenly Rest

Wide open.

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